Cruelty to Animals: Stop and Reflect

I am writing this to make a stand. I may not be able to campaign or walk around streets carrying placards saying “STOP CRUELTY TO ANIMALS” but I’m making a stand in the way I know how… Read More

Typhoon Ondoy: A Cry For Help Read this article

What’s the latest?

On Focus: D.Gray-Man
The series is about Allen Walker, 15yrs of age that was born with an anti-akuma weapon as an arm. This anti-akuma weapon has “Innocence” which was given to him as an apostle of God.. .Read More Anime: On Focus

‘Till You’re Home With Me
Snow have melted on pavements
Flowers have bloomed to a new dawn.. Read More Related Articles


Happy Birthday Toma!!
Today is a very special day, you why don’t you?? It’s Ikuta Toma’s birthday!!! So I figured since I can’t send him gifts and stuff, I’d just make a birthday greeting card for him! . . Read More Toma’s Corner Articles

Spreading the Toma Love!
Why not spread the Toma Love yet again? I did it last year or maybe a year and a half ago and I had fun doing it! :) So without further adieu, let’s start spreading some Toma Love!!. . Read More Toma’s Corner Articles

Most little girls love fairy tales and happy ever afters, of dreaming the perfect wedding, trying out their sister’s dress or their mother’s make up. Little do they know that the grown up world they look up to so much are not everything they dreamed up to be.


Messa on DeviantArt
I have followed Messa on deviantart ever since I have joined the said site. I love her work simply because it has life in it.. Read More


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